Custom Applications can be partially or fully personalized to suit your business needs. These apps are altered to address a particular audience rather than providing a solution which caters to a large group with varying requirements. This is the major reason why custom app development is gaining attraction and proving to be an attractive option for businesses.


So, your business has a specific set of users or currently wants to focus on a certain product type? No other software applications seem so agile and flexible than custom software applications to adjust to your specific business needs or goals. Basil Infotech is a dedicated and seasoned custom software application development company that has extensive expertise to produce, design, create, deploy and administer custom software applications for organizations of any size.



Over a few years, custom software applications have gained huge popularity among the industry experts due to its efficiency and productivity through facilitating competitive advantage to companies. According to the market research firm, MARKETSANDMARKETS, the market of software application is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 42.9% and reach from 7.8 billion US dollars in 2018 to 46.2 billion US dollars by 2023. Surprisingly, this market trend seems to grow over the next five years. The growth factors are likely due to the huge demand for customized and scalable applications and business-specific software needs rather than concentrating on large business needs.


At Basil Infotech, all your business needs are screened at a molecular level to come out with contextual business solutions with speed and accuracy. Custom software applications or call it as tailor-made software applications, they are more functional and adept than commercial off-the-shelf software to narrowly target your defined set of requirements. At times, when they pay attention to your exclusive product needs, they solve your business problems, save you time and integration costs and bring faster, easier and more efficient workflow resolutions. This is how Basil Infotech gets everything covered for your business and help you overcome your unique business challenges with an innovative custom software application development.


With the rising growth of the web and mobile application users, organizations are more eager to incorporate actionable custom software solutions to improve customer-centric products. Basil Infotech is an expert to craft success for countless businesses with their unique custom app development solutions.

When it comes to developing custom apps, it is imperative to optimize the responsive design factors to increase product acceptability across all platforms, especially on smartphones. According to a study by Comscore, mobile users have a different goal than desktop goals, thereby using responsive design, it is possible to increase mobile outreach and facilitate transactions rather than just dispersing information.

Social media integration is another key factor to consider for custom application development. It helps you get found everywhere and build your customer base. Beacon Technology and Near Field Communication have transformed the way shoppers are influenced. These two elements are key to generating better leads for businesses.

When we talk about the next level of custom software engineering, we must emphasize how important is this practice for connected devices such as wearable technology, IoT ecosystem development, and cloud-based apps. With deep technology like App Analytics and big data, the business can implement transformative solutions and make data-driven decisions.

Basil Infotech has worked with more than 50 startups and the number of collaboration is still counting. Their customer-centric approach and seamless communication are best-defined work culture to collaborate with and gain a more productive advantage with custom software development.