Multiple warehouses are usually owned by organizations that have markets spread across several geographies.


Spread across geographies, large Organizations like manufacturers, importers, exporters or wholesalers require multiple warehouses to store, manage and deliver goods to customers. Additionally, the organization spread across different markets require warehouses at several locations. Delivering goods to customers and vendors across cities, states or countries from a single warehouse is never possible. Also, as companies aim to provide cost and time effective delivery of goods to consumers, setting up multiple warehouses at various locations is ideal. It saves transportation costs and facilitates a quick delivery system. However, multiple warehouse management, along with, maintaining Inventory stock records, invoices, and delivery updates can be challenging. They have to be regularly updated aligning all previous and present track records. Providing systematic and efficient multiple warehouse management, we at Basil Infotech have professional and methodical solutions to all your needs. Offering a holistic Warehouse support and expert Inventory management system, we cater and take complete responsibility for your tedious task.



Inventory Stock management is crucial to any warehouse maintenance. Thus, we take and provide complete accountability in keeping track of all your company assets. Our team would be carrying out all your activities of ordering, storing, tracking and controlling the list. We guarantee to provide a systematic approach to your inventory management across multiple warehouses following set standards. Hence, promising easy and convenient system records and updated inventories for enhancing business communications.


We at Basil Infotech also offer a competitive procurement process that ensures all your purchases are necessary and justified. Promising cost benefits, we have a thorough understanding of the significance of a purchase order and stock receipt. Therefore, we ensure to check through prices and quality of products and services for maintaining quality services. The purchase orders are available in similar formats across multiple warehouse systems for efficient tracking ability.


Ordering and purchasing stock isn’t enough. It is important to maintain an inventory and make it available as reports. Hence, we offer a detailed and quality reporting system that offers effective stock reports. Our stock reports are significant and can be beneficial to your organization in understanding company assets and their management, inventory visibility, future inventory forecasting, inventory price forecasting, current stock value, usability, and new requirements.


We provide a unique barcode to facilitate inventory and its related details per warehouse location. We also offer different types of barcode readers for your team to facilitate and manage inventory with each item code and barcode scanner for quick search. Barcode readers are helpful in maintaining all product records by scanning each product coming in or moving out of your warehouse. An efficient mechanism, it is also time effective.

Further, to enhance and better assist multi-warehouse management, our software development services also include:

  • Product catalog and warehouse assignment
  • Warehouse allocation for every integrated channel
  • Assign bin location, aisle location, and bin stock
  • Easy transfer of stock between different physical warehouses
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Safety level stock for easy replenishment
  • Warehouse reports enhancing layouts and fulfillment
  • Picklists and user roles to distribute tasks efficiently
  • Setup an Infinite number of warehouses
  • Manage Stock levels and backorders for each of your warehouses
  • Warehouses will receive their own order notifications