PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.


When the market becomes competitive, organization face their share of challenges on the digital platforms. PHP is one such platform which helps business to grow exponentially. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is an open source, especially suited for the web development. PHP is server side scripting language which is one of the traditional and main targeted areas which mainly uses the PHP parser to deploy the web activities. Basil works in close with PHP to develop dynamic websites and design server side applications. PHP can be used with variety of platforms and devices thus make it easy for a business to use it. PHP provides the text featuring to the projects making it compatible with many extensions and resources.

The growing resources and technology is making the market for PHP to grow. There is about more than 80% of the data on internet is scripted in PHP. The scripting property of the PHP enhances the performance of the routine tasks schedule for an application. PHP codes can easily be incorporated within the HTML making it easy for the web developers to use it. Basil Infotech provides web development with PHP by using the rapid prototyping and deploying schemes. The key success for the PHP language among users and developers is its user friendly property.


PHP provides the building prototypes and development at a very high pace helping businesses to grow exponentially. PHP web apps are budget oriented as these can be accommodated with any platform and framework. PHP helps in making the CRM solution needed by the company. Each programming language has some potential to grow and to be used in several areas. PHP is one such language, which has it's applications in server side scripting, database interaction and data encryption.

  • PHP aligned your data and thus in turn your web apps
  • PHP offers code reusability which makes the working more trivial for the businesses.
  • PHP is versatile and flexible to be used up in several different areas.
  • PHP web apps are constantly upgrading.


Basil Infotech works in an innovative way as a PHP development company. We offer services to our client across the globe which are highly customized and revolve around the customer’s requirement. We make the use of agile methodologies and leverage a wide range of PHP networks, frameworks and databases to build and develop the web and mobile applications. PHP development works as the complex task for web solution depending upon the business needs and requirements. Our key services as a PHP developer are as follows:

  • We expertise in building online business application, e-commerce and content management using the PHP Cake framework.
  • We provide the wide range of API’s to extend the functionality and usability.
  • Migration of the programming languages is efficiently deal at our shore to any language and platform.
  • We also develop web application portals having the PHP-based backend services which are highly supported for the business development.
  • We use open source customization which reduces the average cost of the development.
  • We keep ourselves updated with latest and changing technologies to provide clients websites and applications.