Basil Infotech carries pride to provide outsourcing services to its esteemed business partners with high precision and accuracy.


Basil Infotech carries pride to provide outsourcing services to its esteemed business partners with high precision and accuracy. We provide our services in both segments i. e Business Process Outsourcing & Knowledge Process Outsourcing. We provide services for processes like customer care, human resources recruitment, tech. support Web Hosting etc. Our partners choose us as we bring consistency and productivity in the assigned processes.



Do you find it challenging to compile and note down the meeting minutes during a business meeting? Well, while commencing a business or running a company with the need for an idea, team and research, there is also a requirement to conduct a series of conferences, interviews and seminars. Pertaining to that, an essential requirement is to record the proceedings of the sessions and business meetings for review and analysis. This is where transcription services become necessary to consolidate.
Basil Infotech provides transcription services for the sectors including finance, technology, marketing, health and law. With regard to the technicality, transcription is a skillful task, one that requires a keen focus. Favourably, experts at Basil are proficient in transcription, translation & transcribing; are provided with the necessary software to perform the, otherwise, daunting task easily.


  1. If you are a business that regularly meets its customers and deals with the clients, then speech transcription is necessary to record the queries, feedbacks and complaints of the customers. In addition to that, if your company leverages voicemail services to make contact with the customers, then specialists at Basil Infotech can help you share the customer insights for your analysis.
  2. You can save time and efforts as transcription is an intimidating task that brings together special software and professionals. This is what you achieve when you outsource your transcription service to Basil Infotech.
  3. During a conference or a seminar, it is a little inconvenient for the people to listen and write simultaneously. Also, it may be possible that few people won't attend the critical meetings. Hence, our experts diffuse the word by giving a transcribed document to everyone.
  4. Transcribing the brainstorming meetings, sales description, customer reviews help the businesses to aggrandize their sales, improve their market analysis and further their product development endeavours. To add to the glimmery, the experts at Basil have sufficient knowledge of how to jot down the sales representation, business ideas etc.
  5. Apart from this, transcribing communications in meetings is also necessary for a business to circumvent disputes as a consequence of them can be lawsuits.
  6. Besides, if someone has a hearing disability transcribing the meetings, audiovisual files would be beneficial for them.


Basil Infotech endeavours to provide you with quality transcription services that ideally comply with the specific domain your business resides in. That said, the professionals at Basil usually work in favour of a 60-70 wpm typing speed, which is an exemplary measure corresponding to the global transcription service. Besides, our operations are concentrated on meeting diverse business requirements through the use of cutting-edge technology that brings forth the current trends and IT developments into the implementation process.

Want to know the reason behind our success?

If you are wondering about rocket science, you are at the wrong place because the process of transcription carried out by Basil is a combination of smart work and hard work. Our success is a direct result of the swift conversion, multi-level QA validation, secure encryption, adequate customization, and minimum turnaround time. Get a free quote now to know more about our offerings.


To have a fitting comprehension of our Lead generation Services & Solutions, let's begin with the definition of a lead. Any person that showcases interest in company's products and services in any form is known as a lead. Some businesses might assume the concept of lead generation pretty straightforward, and this is where they are knocked out from the competition.

At Basil Infotech, we endeavour to bring about a transition in the ill-comprehension of lead generation by encouraging appropriate leads in favour of the sales pipeline.


Leads are usually categorized into four types:

  • Marketing qualified leads
  • Sales qualified leads
  • Product qualified leads
  • Service qualified leads

Marketing qualified leads are the ones who have connected with the business' marketing team. Generally, these leads don't want to receive the sales call, but through our optimum strategies, these types of leads can be targeted easily.

The second type corresponds to the sales qualified leads, which have the contact of the company and are willing to be paid customers. These are relatively easier to acquire. Product Qualified leads are next in the line who have used the company's product. To target such leads, we ask the companies to offer a trial version of their product or service with an option to upgrade to a premium version.

Last but not least, are the service qualified leads and for targeting them, our customer representatives support the respective businesses in improving their terms and policies so that their customer is always interested in upgrading and extending the subscription.


Lead generation is the second step in inbound marketing methodology. It takes place when the company has attracted an audience which can be easily converted into leads for the company's sales team.

Basil's representatives elucidate the customers with the lead generation process and how to transform strangers into the promoters.

Next step in the lead generation process is to guide the customers about lead generation marketing to drive traffic towards the company's platform and start the generation of leads. We further aid the customers in creating their content to allow them to attract the users through their useful and free information.


Most importantly, the lead generation process demands factually correct data. That's just what we provide our customers with. The alliance with Basil accounts for the selection of most befitting prospects. These prospects are brought forth in compliance with the ideal customer profile defined by the company.

Besides, we have expertise in segregating the data and retrieving the information that is directly relevant to the company's cause. In simple words, the data generated pertaining to the leads is a filtered outcome, including the most valuable candidates.

What if your database is outdated? We'll tell you—you won't be able to generate relevant leads. Outdated database means vagueness and vagueness accounts for not-so-ideal leads. To tackle this issue, the experts at Basil reconcile the lead generation approach by validating and segregating the old data from the database. Apart from this, our team regularly monitors the database for updates and deletions.

Altogether, hiring Basil (a dominant Lead Generation Company) relates to the utilization of appropriate data to generate apt prospects. Isn't that what you wanted?


The prominence of telemarketing and telecalling, in particular, can be recognized from the fact that more than 90% of the industries all around the world rely upon them for bolstering the business. In concrete terms, telecalling is a practice directly associated with lead conversion, something that gives a brand a reason to justify its independent existence and robustness within the market. That said, Basil Infotech is a renowned inbound and outbound telemarketing company, which maximizes your profit and scales your business' reputation.


No need to go miles

It goes without saying that businesses today require everything at doorstep, including the leads. After all, you as a business representative won't be travelling physically to resolve the issues of your clients. This is partly because of the solution available in the name of telemarketing.

Customer preference

Reports concerning telemarketing over the past decade suggest that most customers deem telemarketing as one of the best measures to resolve the problems. When the customers like what the trend offers, why second thoughts?

Regular updates

Response, reply and answer are critical words that define the effectiveness of the business. However, they are incomplete as they merely describe one side of the coin. In other words, it is your responsibility to cater to the needs of your customers and provide them with information about the new updates. Responding to the customer's demand while being passive isn't a process worthy of success.

B2B Lead Generation & Conversion

For all that the above encompasses telemarketing accounts for the conversion of prospects into customers. While the aforementioned aspects may bear little alignment to the concept of lead conversion, they collectively contribute to the sustenance of existing customers, which is a prerequisite for brand reputation and effective conversion.


Amidst a sector where numerous companies are offering similar services, it becomes essential that executives lay emphasis on the concept of telemarketing. Telemarketing renders an opportunity to attract fresh leads and extend the relationship with the existing customers. For this exact reason, Basil Infotech offers its Telecalling services catering to the diverse need of both companies and individuals.

From payment inquiries to details updation and lead conversion to problem resolution, experts at Basil are vastly experienced in dealing with the clients and providing them with the solutions, which comply with the modern trends. The fact that telemarketing agents at Basil work in different shifts further smoothen the process.

Having said that, our services incorporate B2B telemarketing, Cold Calling, Telesales, B2B Lead generation & market research. All these methods work in accordance with your business unique selling points (USPs), and ideal customer profiles (ICPs). Upon the investigation of these attributes, we integrate the technologies to effectively carry out operations such as appointment setting and account profiling. Besides, the market research programs contribute to the profiling and appropriate extraction of information from the databases.

With everything formulated based on a definite structure, we make sure that you get qualified leads—the ones that can take your business towards interminable growth. Now that you have full-fledged knowledge about the telemarketing industry don't wait to outsource your telemarketing requirements. Get a quote today.


Customer onboarding accounts for the conversion of prospects who sign up for the services and, in the end, avail them as customers. While customer onboarding is a basic subject and a pre-requisite for a productive and active business, most of the companies remain oblivious to its vitality. As a result, they are never able to transform the prospects into customers and, ultimately fail the market. For this exact reason, Basil Infotech helps to simplify and to build an efficient customer /client onboarding process which can boost the conversion rate and bring to you lasting clients.


Consider a user X coming signing up for availing the services you provide. However, X is not impressed with the complicated onboarding and soon breaks the association. Very similar entities like X approach your portal but do not convert into customers. If you don't believe in the aforementioned theory, you might relate to the numbers.

That said, companies lose more than 75% of users within the first week. Even if many users have bought your services, likely, 40 to 60% will never follow up. These are alarming rates for a company that is trying to establish itself in the market or endeavouring to keep aloof of the competitors. Hence, there is always a need for an efficacious onboarding process that can not only retain new users but also transform them into lasting clients.


No, it's not just about delighting the customer but also about reforming the structure of your business. With appropriate onboarding in place, there is more to the business success in the name of:


According to a report published by Gartner, around 80% of any company's revenue is a direct result of the contribution from 20% of existing customers. Customer retention is essential for business, something that is achieved through a strong and steadfast onboarding process.


Revenue increases when customers stick to the product and services. To garner the customer-company relationship, the latter must align towards opting for an organized user onboarding process. No doubt, better onboarding can bring forth more genuine and lasting customers, thus increasing the engagement.


Problems are encountered by those customers who are not appropriately briefed about the services by the associated company. However, a good customer onboarding process can reduce the number of issues, for it can answer the queries of the customers and provide them with a comprehensive insight into the utilization of the product.


Basil Infotech, we stick to best practices that ensure the provision of lasting clients. Our approach to client onboarding rests on the following points:


based on your Ideal Customer Profile; we build an image of an ideal customer and what challenges he/she might face during customer onboarding.


The interest in a service is constructed by outlining the value the service can provide to the customer. That said, Basil renders the customers with specific examples, which can explicitly detail the confrontation of pain points.


We believe in the philosophy of response/reply/answer and therefore, regularly follow up with emails or text messages during the client onboarding process.


Selling a service requires an intriguing customer. Hence, the customer is the most significant aspect of any business. For this exact reason, we base our functionality entirely on customer-centric flow.


Market research is a fundamental step for commencing a business. During the business' idea generation, one needs to keep two essential things in mind, which are value proposition and critical mass. That said, an individual initiating the business must acquaint himself/herself with what value he/she wants to provide to his/her customer segment. Additionally, the considerations should encompass the expansion of the market and the current scale.


When referring to the technical aspects of market research, two concepts dominate the ground. These are marketing analysis and forecasting. Marketing analysis assists in strategizing the operation of the business. Besides, analyzing the market supports in getting familiar with the market size, target customers, competitors and budding market disruptors. On the contrary, forecasting is necessary to estimate future trends that can entirely change the shape of the market.


Favourably, Basil offers customers with appropriate market analysis services and guides them on how to conduct market research. We provide insightful information pertaining to the four essentialities in marketing research. These are:


We help our customers to segregate their target prospects into groups so that leads can be swiftly generated. Our services further help the companies to know if they have to involve themselves in B2B marketing or B2C marketing.


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are crucial considerations for every business. That said, we assist the customers to evaluate these four aspects for their business. In addition to that, we strategically identify these four elements serving the customer's competitors, so as to draw a comparison between the client's and the competitors' status.


Basil is a prominent market research company and helps businesses to present their products and services effectively to a wider audience. In the process, the customers acquaint themselves to advertising the respective services and products. Additionally, we recommend the advertising channels one should adopt to market their products.


We further assist the companies to identify their online and offline rivals. As a result, the companies are able to gather knowledge about the best practices in the market and what decisions should be made to stay ahead.


With the advent of technology and communication, market research has been given a new direction. As one of the leading market research advisors, we emphasize working in alliance with market research tools.

Surveys : Includes the conducting of industry specific surveys through digital questionnaires or communication via phone or email.

Interviews : Includes the conducting of one-on-one interviews to gather the knowledge about the customer's market preferences.

For small businesses, in particular, we employ the beachhead strategy so that they can focus on a small and immediate market. The emphasis on a constrained market allows companies to dominate the small sectors. In doing so, they recognize the peculiarities of the market, which otherwise, remain oblivious to the generality.

Moreover, we believe that there is always a need to establish a robust foundation between the company and market and hence, we guide the customers to prefer the market based on the compatibility, products and the resources available.