The term Cloud Services is a broad category that encompasses the myriad IT resources provided over theinternet.



Cloud computing services are on demand requirement of computer system resources including data storage and computing power without direct involvement of the users. Evolution of the computing had made clouds the new way to do business.

Basil Infotech provide cloud based development solutions which enable hosted services to the end users. Organizations are opting for the cloud model to work which provides a wider perspective to create an environment for handling all our activities on the internet. With the emergence and acceptance of cloud computing services, businesses are now no longer depended on the service companies for providing the infrastructure. Cloud based solution can provide flexibility to use infrastructure as a service which gives access to web architecture to fulfill various managing needs of the business. Cloud technologies are used to maximize the usage of computing resources which tends to increase the efficiency and performance of the businesses involved and thus reduces their cost parameter too.

Cloud services are rapidly increasing as the organizations are moving towards the digital transformation of their services. In fact, according to Gartner 17.3 % growth in public cloud services which is going touch around 37.9% in the coming years. The fastest growing segment of the cloud is infrastructure as a service which is expected to grow by 27.9% by 2022. Cloud services are providing benefits to the businesses by maintaining the continuity of the data which are hosted on the public or private clouds. Using software as a service, one can get the benefit of accessing the updated software.


Organizations are increasingly embracing on the cloud development which uses multiple infrastructure as a service models to migrate between different clouds. This provides us with the ease of using multiple clouds at the same time. Cloud computing offers several benefits to business and end users. Some of the advantages one can get by deploying cloud servicers are as follows :

  • On demand services : End users can spin up for any resources on demand for any form of work which eliminates the need for the IT specialists and administrators.
  • Elasticity : Cloud technology provides flexibility to increase and decrease the needs of the system as and when required.
  • Distributed : Cloud services run your workloads around multiple global regions which helps in providing the redundant resources for the storage of the data.
  • Flexibility : Businesses have the freedom of moving their work from one service provider to another.
  • Seamless connectivity : The benefits that the cloud services offers for the business organization make it grow immensely in all aspects. The cloud services enables global network of data centers to share and collaborate various devices to make business grow efficiently.


Today, when everything is being made and manufactured for the cloud, cloud service is definitely the way for your business to go. But understanding your business needs and using the suitable cloud service is the biggest task for one. To sort these we at Basil Infotech provide various cloud based solutions which helps companies to move faster on their projects and to just focus on their business rather than the technology and IT Infrastructure . Some of our key areas of cloud development that we offer are as follows :

  • We provide with the various public, private and hybrid cloud services which can ease the way business works.
  • Provide with various software and infrastructure services as cloud which can help businesses in reconfiguring the computing system with the technology.
  • We provide migration to cloud services for businesses across the world to tackle their entire range of operations. Thus, we deliver flexible cloud services for both the public and private enterprises.